Why Pokemon X and Y Come with a Grain of Salt

By Jonathan Howard On 3 Mar, 2014 At 02:31 AM | Categorized As 3DS, Debate With Us!, Debates, Retro | With 1 Comment

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I’m sure many of you are here wondering about the major beef I have with Pokemon X and Y. As bad as I hate to tell you, the “grain of salt” I have toward these games is this: they have ruined the older games for me and have changed the way I view future installments. I’ve played Pokemon since the beginning. I still remember my first playthrough- struggling with my shorted-out link cable in an attempt to trade between red and blue. I loved those games, and since the formula had changed so little, each new installment was nearly a repeat of the joy I had experienced before. Fast forward to 2014 and I’m now viewing my pokemon unlike ever before. 3d animated models who behave differently from one another– the same attack isn’t always the same from Pokemon to Pokemon. Simply put: Pokemon X and Y has forever changed my expectations for pokemon games.

The leap that Nintendo made from previous entries to Pokemon X and Y isn’t groundbreaking– we’ve known that they’re capable of producing this for years now. However, it’s the fact that throughout multiple generations, the formula (which is still nearly the same) was fairly concrete. Pokemon X and Y take a step outside the box for the first time. The 3d world players are thrown into allows for an experience no other game in the franchise has offered, and now that we know they’re willing to make some minor changes, we expect more.

Not only will I be unable to replay the older titles to full enjoyment, but I’ll also be expecting more out of future titles. Pokemon X and Y allows for ease of service when it comes to battling and trading. For the first time, there’s something there reminding us we’re not the only trainers in the world. However, more can be done, and in future installments, I would expect changes that further progress this idea. The world has entered a gaming era where people don’t like being alone. Yes, there are still people out there who love single player games, but for many of us, it’s the competitive spirit of the multiplayer experience that draws us closer to the controller. You’ve given us the ability to easily trade and battle with friends, Nintendo, and that’s awesome– now, let us join other games. I can do it in Animal Crossing so why not here? As much as I love the ability to sit in a cafe on Pokemon X and Y, this feature would be greatly benefited from the ability to do so with a friend.

You’ve slightly changed the face of pokemon, Nintendo. You’ve given it a face-lift appropriate for the 21st century. Unfortunately, you’ve raised the bar both destroying my ability to enjoy the older titles and making me expect more in future installments.

And you know what?

I’m perfectly OK with that.


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