Destiny: Post-Apocalyptic Ambition

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Ambition. It’s such a positively charged word. We typically view ambitious people in such a way that implies they’re destined for success. Unfortunately, the ambitious aren’t always successful and occasionally end up walking into territories they have no business being. Right now, Bungie is being ambitious with their upcoming title Destiny. They’re paving the way for a title that expands across several genres. It’s a post-apocalyptic, shooter which draws heavily from RPG elements in a universe that spans both sci-fi and fantasy themes. There are, however, several questions that surround the release of this highly anticipated title:

Will it Spread itself too Thin?

For those of you who are basketball fans, perhaps you’ll understand what I mean when I say a player is a tweener. A tweener is typically a player who can play either position but doesn’t really excel at either. The question is: will Destiny spread itself too thin and in turn be a “tweener?” It’s typically important for developers to remember their audience when drawing up plans. Destiny, at its core, is a shooter. However, it draws a great deal of inspiration from games like Borderlands in that it allows for loot, character progression, and exploration. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Borderlands did awesome and you’re right. This is simply an idea. Will Bungie fans comes searching for another Halo experience only to be offered something different? Instinct tells me this title is going to be fantastic. I mean, this is Bungie we’re talking about here and the prospect of running around a post-apocalyptic world, exploring the secrets behind the humans’ demise sounds AWESOME. However…

I have been Fooled Before

There have been titles that I simply couldn’t wait for, but when they arrived, they turned out to be less than expected. Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of these titles. Presented by Bioware as a true Star Wars MMO experience soon proved to be more of a single-player, story driven campaign with little to no endgame. This left a bitter taste in many gamers’ mouths. For this reason, I always take previews with a grain of salt. Destiny, however, will likely not suffer as ToR did. After all, it’s not an MMO and we know that Bungie has developed it with the utmost care.

What I Look Forward to Most

I’ll be the first to say that FPS games aren’t always my favorite; however, the RPG elements certainly appeal to me. I look forward to the prospect of teaming with others as we discover the secrets of the galaxy. I look forward to exploring unknown planets in order to see how humans terraformed each, sneaking through the ruins that were left behind. I look forward to gathering awesome loot from unknown creatures found in the darkest places throughout the solar system. But above all, I look forward to seeing how Bungie differentiates itself from other shooters as it continues its ambitious journey toward a truly unique title.

If you would like to know more about Destiny check out this ridiculously awesome community made video showcasing what is known so far. It’s… It’s awesome.

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  • http://YourWebsite... Cozomel

    I am pretty skeptical of Destiny. They did amazing with Halo for sure, they all were awesome but that is besides the point.

    When you look at the gameplay videos the first thing you notice is how the animations are near identical to Halo……as is the setting of sci-fi/alien world.

    Now the graphics are also looking like Halo with tiny differences and the gameplay….yup looks like Halo.

    Bungie had a great chance to start a new IP and let the world know Halo wasn’t all they can do, and what do they do? Make a Halo game under a different name. Shame.

  • Jonathan Howard

    Good points. It be interesting to see how the game varies from Halo. Better yet, it will be interesting to see that, if the game is a lot like Halo, how will Halo fans react? Happy, annoyed?

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