Pokemon X and Y: It’s Bonding Time… What?!?

By Jonathan Howard On 5 Mar, 2014 At 11:26 PM | Categorized As 3DS, Debate With Us!, Debates | With 0 Comment

Pokemon X and Y

Seriously, what was Nintendo thinking when they introduced O-powers into Pokemon X and Y? Sure, the concept is great. I get to give myself, as well as my friends, small buffs in various categories. But come on. Couldn’t they have introduced this in a way that wasn’t so…. shady at best? Let’s discuss this.

For those of you who either haven’t played Pokemon X and Y, or simply haven’t noticed, the NPC who introduces you to O-powers is named Mr. Bonding. Mr. Bonding is… creepy to say the least as he looks far too much like that weirdo from Eurotrip.


At any rate, in order to acquire access to new O-powers, one must speak to Mr. Bonding about them. He’ll ask if you need an explanation, if you say no, he ignores you and proceeds to say “IT’S BONDING TIME.” The lights go off. You’re given the message, “You receive an O-Power from Mr. Bonding.” The lights then come back on, he tells you which “O-Power” you got, and then he leaves. Suddenly, your trainer feels the need to take a shower.All of this wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t in a hotel. In a room. Beside a bed.

There is no way this is a mistake. How is that coincidence? Is my head really that far in the gutter? Everyone I explain this to, who hasn’t played Pokemon X and Y, simple doesn’t believe me. Nintendo had to be aware they were placing an innuendo here. Hell, I snickered when I first heard “O-Power” let alone when I saw how you received these powers.

So what do you guys think? Did Nintendo do this on purpose? Am I thinking too far into this?

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