World of Warcraft: Has the King of MMOs Become a Little Soft?

By Ethan Allen On 6 Mar, 2014 At 06:43 PM | Categorized As Debate With Us!, Debates, PC | With 2 Comments

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Let me start by saying that I love World Of Warcraft. I have played this game since the late days of the vanilla edition up until Cataclysm, and off and on since then. I have invested more of my life into this game than I really even want to think about, and I won’t be buying Warlords of Draenor.

The reason for this is that I think World of Warcraft has simply become too easy. In vanilla, getting to level 60, the cap level at that time, was a major achievement. It took a lot of dedication to get there, and you had to really work hard for it. At that time, there wasn’t a built in quest helper. You got your quest and then figured it out by yourself. Want to do a dungeon? You got a group of friends together and you went to the dungeon. There was no group finder. It was the same for raids. The addition of Heirloom items has only made it worse. The fact that you can get gear that is better than anything you can loot, and in addition gives you 50% more exp, is ridiculous.

World of Warcraft, as it stands right now, has simply become easy to the point of boring. You can literally get a character from starting level to cap level with just a couple of days worth of work. That is without using the refer a friend bonus. By referring a friend both of you are granted 250% experience. With this large of a boost you can get to cap level in a days time or even less. The scroll of resurrection rewards were even worse. You got a free level 80 just for accepting it! By going instantly from level 1 to level 80, you’re skipping vital parts of the learning experience. Someone who has never played a class going instantly to level 80 is only going to result in them having no earthly idea what they’re doing. Now with the release of the new expansion, Blizzard is going to give everyone who buys it a free level 90 toon.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why Blizzard is doing what they’re doing. They want to attract a new and younger audience. To do this, they’re making the game easier so that new and younger players alike will get interested in it. It is a brilliant marketing strategy. The only problem is that by doing so, they’re alienating their dedicated fan base. We don’t want a free level 90. We want better dungeons, new interesting gear, and above all, we want a challenge! Make the game hard again. Deathwing was a horribly easy fight with mechanics that only took a couple of seconds to learn. The Lich King was a fight that took entire weeks to get right. One little mistake and your whole 25 man raid wiped. That’s the kind of content we want to see again. Please Blizzard, make WOW fun again. A longtime player is begging you.

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  • Jayde

    I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s been stated before that blizzard is focusing on end-game content. Yes you need to learn and grow with your character from 1-80/85. But from there to 90 and beyond is where you’ll be spending all of your time, grinding, getting achievements, raiding, etc. There’s no reason to explore the old world except to get achievements. There’s no reason to explore old dungeons and that’s where they falter. And I kind of agree with them. I’ve been playing off and on since tier 7. I missed all of vanilla and BC, but the raids that I grew up with, I love and cherish, but it’s time to move on to the new tiers and perfect those. I’d love to go back to the original challenge though.

    That’s what they should focus on. Using the same system they made for challenge dungeons in MoP (scaling your gear DOWN to the dungeon’s original difficulty) and apply it older dungeons and raids (and make a raid finder for it). They can even go a step further and make it so you can only use and loot relevant gear for example: if I’m queueing up or gathering a group to go do ulduar, then all of my gear should be downgraded or I can only use gear drops (and tier bonuses) from tier 7 and 8. Herald of the Titans achievement comes to mind.

    It’s going to be different though. We’ve overhauled the talent, mastery and spell system so many times since then, but it can still be a new challenge in itself to bring the old players back. Blizz said they’d never make a dedicated vanilla/bc/whatever previous expansion server, but this could be the next best thing.

    I got a little off topic there, but yes, WoW is a bit easy in the leveling process because few people (especially new ones) want to stay where no one else is. Everyone is at end game content. Most of the new characters are old players making an alt so they can raid or pvp on something new. And there are a whole slew of complaints at the top, such as “heroic is too easy” or “it’s too hard to get 25 people sync’d to do a non-RF raid” and plenty more.

    • Ethan Allen

      That is a very well thought out and interesting perspective!

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