The Gauntlet Reboot: We’re Excited, Are You?

By Woodrow Howard On 17 Mar, 2014 At 09:13 PM | Categorized As PC | With 1 Comment

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Long before the Marvel Heroes banded together for a free-to-play cash grab and Path of Exile brought forth its expansive leveling system. Even before the evil Diablo tormented Tristram and it’s inhabitants, there was Gauntlet.  Now, after living in obscurity for years, Gauntlet has returned as the first in a new line of paid straight-to-digital games offered by Warner Brothers.  It is already set to hit Steam this summer, check out the release trailer below.



While I can’t entirely speak for my colleagues, on a personal level, I’m overjoyed to hear of the Gauntlet reboot.  I have many fond memories of the brutal dungeon crawling that accompanied the game.  It was my introductory dungeon crawler and I fully intend on heading straight into it with this new installment.  Not only does it seem to retain the classic formula of Gauntlet, fighting wave after wave of enemies, they decided to stick with the original classes as well.  Of course watching a trailer and hearing only bits and pieces of information isn’t enough to go on, but it does seem to stick mostly to its roots, and for me, that’s enough to get excited about.

One of the biggest draws in my eyes would have to be the fact that it’s releasing on steam, giving the ability to easily match up a four player session.  That was a heck of a lot harder to do back in the arcades and subsequent system releases that followed.  It will be exciting to team up with three other friends and tackle the hordes of enemies that reside within’ the gauntlet.

Summer can’t seem to get here fast enough, but at least I’ll have Reaper of Souls to cover my dungeon crawling fix until then.  I’ll be playing my Wizard there pretty heavily so I can get into the groove for playing the Mage on Gauntlet.  So how about it readers, are you excited for the Gauntlet reboot?

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    Hell yes, remember playing Gauntlet in the arcades back in the day, along with Space Harrier!

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